We have an unrivalled range of electric heat exchangers. These heat exchangers derive heat from electricity.

The electric heat exchangers are very similar to the extensively used shell and tube heat exchangers. The only difference between electric process heaters and shell and tube heat exchangers is that the tube side is absent in the electric heat exchanger. Instead, it features an electric heater bundle.

The electric heater bundle is fabricated from tubular rod elements. The source of heat energy in these heat exchangers is not the recovered heat but electricity.

Advantages of Electric Heat Exchangers

  • Electric heat exchangers are low in weight, offer an amazing temperature control, and have a very small footprint.
  • They have a hundred percent turn down capacity because of thyristor control.
  • These electric exchangers are independent. They do not require process hook up as the process side energy is derived from the electric power.
  • They provide instant cold start facility as electricity is turned into heat.
  • Same kW heater is capable of delivering high element temperature heat in order to get process temperature rise.